PL3234 (Sem 2, AY2016/17)

By: Hoo Xun Yi
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2016/17

Lecturer: Dr Nina Powell

Lecturer Review: Nina was a clear speaking and accommodating lecturer. Although she can sometimes run through content quickly, she is especially clear in her delivery and often paces her lecture quite well. She adopted the flipped classroom approach this time around, complementing face-to-face lectures with online lectures beforehand. Her online lectures were good but unfortunately had no transcript, making it very difficult to revise without watching the lecture again.

Module Review: Content was very manageable. A lot of content had been cut down to the really important bits for the online lecture, while the face-to-face lecture helped to reinforce the points raised by the online lecture as well as provide other information. Despite the textbook being a supplementary reading, there was almost no need for it.
Examinations were pretty standard, some MCQs, and a 6-choose-5 short essay segment. Nothing too difficult and nothing out of the ordinary. The questions were almost all (if not all) fact-based.

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