PL3236 (Sem 2, AY2016/17)

By: Tan Shao An Daniel
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2016/17

Lecturer: Dr Oliver Suendermann

Lecturer Review: New lecturer, so not very familiar with the Asian style of student behavior and wasn’t really able to get a good control over students. Still, he was very enthusiastic about the topic and so had a lot to say (although occasionally going overtime). Improved greatly over the course of the Semester and at the end was a pretty decent lecturer, although by then a lot of the students had drawn their impressions and made their decision to listen or not.

Module Review
Module overall was pretty okay. Very content heavy, very extensive and so very tiring to study for. Examination format was decently difficult, although there could be fewer questions. Content overall could have been managed and summarised better, especially in lectures, since tutorials were mainly for presentation sake.

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