PL3257 (Sem 2, AY2015/16)

By: Yunjie
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2015/16
PL3257 – Clinical Psychology

Lecturer: Dr Sharon & Dr Kenji

Lecturer Review: Lecture style is based on a lot of real life experiences and stories that they have from working in the industry, so everything was really insightful and up to date. I liked the practical aspect to the content that was taught, instead of just memorising facts. They didn’t really cover textbook content (they used their own lecture slides which didn’t overlap entirely with the textbook), so all textbook content was up to us to read –
was kind of dry because it’s all the technical parts. But this memorising facts part comes with almost every other psych module so it was still okay. Their stories from their occupation and the practical advice about clinical psychology (beyond the textbook) were really the highlight and most interesting parts of the module to me!
If you want an insight into the industry, this is a must take module. 🙂 The lecturers are also really friendly in answering questions.
Sharon is more gentle and has a very empathetic aura, while Kenji is more funny and sceptical in his opinions. Both together gives a balanced style to the whole module.

Module Review
CA paper – 25% (take-home essay)
Finals – 60% (MCQs, but not as easy as you think. If I remembered right it was 5 options, with options that combine previous options e.g. Option D: “A, B, C are correct”)
Class part – 15%

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