PL4241 (Sem 2, AY2016/17)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2016/17

Lecturer: Dr Camilo Libedinsky

Lecturer Review: Very chilled out, not obsessed about the particulars like logistics, preparation etc. Although it might sometimes feel like this could go both ways, work for you or against you.

Module Review
As consciousness is an extremely new field, it’s great that there’s a class on this, and that this class is not examinable. You can learn without having the burden of trying to memorise details that aren’t even cast in stone yet about a very interesting field. However, the content itself and the
way Prof presents it as screenshots of paper excerpts can be very inaccessible.
Additionally, there isn’t much feedback so you have no idea where you stand throughout the semester. The classes are 45 minutes student presentation and maybe 1-1.5 hours lecture. If you’re looking for a very relaxed class in your final semester then this might be a good one to take, considering its 100% CA (something like 40% Presentation and
Participation, 60% Final Paper) majority of the marks will depend on how well you choose your paper topic.

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