PL3105 (previously PL3235) (Sem 1, AY 2020/21)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 1 AY2020/21
Social Psychology

Description of module: This course provides a broad foundation for the study of human social behaviour. Topics such as attitudes, social cognition, interpersonal relations and group processes are discussed. One aim of this course is to introduce students to the theories and research of social psychology. A second aim is to help students appreciate how the findings of social psychologists are relevant and applicable to the day-to-day situations in our lives.

Assessment Format:
Midterms: 40%

Finals: 40%

Class Participation: 10%

Group-based online discussion forum: 10%

Professor: Prof Michelle See Ya Hui

Module Review:

In general all the concepts and theories are very manageable, the prof is also quite chill and doesn’t try to cramp too much content into one topic. The only difficult part was that some of the concepts can be quite similar and the textbook/prof has very specific definitions to set the concepts apart – so it’ll be good to ask more questions and actively try to differentiate concepts on your own.

Lecture Review:

Lecture style is very clear and structured. All the lectures are webcasted and sometimes it’ll be in synchronic format: where you watch a 30min lecture recording prior to attending the online lecture (which lasts about an hour)

Materials used:

Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., & Akert, R. M. (2016). Social psychology (9th edition). Pearson.


Difficulty in understanding(1-very easy, 5-very difficult): 2

Workload(1-very light, 5-very difficult): 2

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