PL4214 (Sem 1, AY 2020/21)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 1 AY2020/21
Evolutionary Psychology

Description of module: The aim of this course is to give students an understanding of evolutionary theory and its implications for psychological theory. The idea that behaviour, like physical structure, is evolved in response to selection pressures carries implications for understanding phenomena in a range of diverse fields such as logical reasoning, altruism, competition, mate selection, aggressive behaviour, attachment and child maltreatment. Pitfalls and limitations in the speculative use of evolutionary explanations will be considered, and the way in which such explanations complement those couched in terms of psychological processes or mechanisms will be explored.

Assessment Format:
Reflections [Participation]: 10%

Quizzes [Best 4 out of 5]: 10%

Homework Assignments [3]: 40%

Project Essay: 40%

Lecturer: Ranjith Vijayakumar

Module Review:

Learnt about different aspects of the evolutionary psychology perspective as well as how things are thought about in EP. Also learnt about the flaws of EP and the problems that persist in the field. I’d say if you’re interested in how evolutionary psychology looks at problems, it’s worth taking the module.

Lecture Review:

Ranjith is good at exploring various topics and enjoys delving into questions that don’t necessarily have a set answer. However, as for assignments, do take note that even the basic assignment usually require answer by answer citations, which can get somewhat troublesome

Materials used:



Difficulty in understanding(1-very easy, 5-very difficult): 4

Workload(1-very light, 5-very difficult): 4

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