PL4880K (Sem 2, AY 2020/21)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2020/21
Parenting and Child Development

Description of module: This course examines the various aspects of parental influence on children’s development, with a focus on cultural differences in parenting practices. Topics to be covered include a critical evaluation of the cross-cultural relevance of parenting styles and the concept of emotional availability in accounting for differences in children’s developmental outcomes. The notion of “good enough parenting” and parenting as a bi-directional process will be analysed. The course concludes with a discussion of whether parents are the most important source of influence, bearing in mind the many other domains of influence in children’s lives, such as peers.

Assessment Format:
Group presentation: 15%

Class Participation: 10%

Individual Paper: 40%

Final CA: 35%

Professor: Dr. Lin Jiayong

Module Review:

In general, the module was insightful, covers various concepts very comprehensively and well-structured. I would say 3k adolescent psychology module would be a good stepping stone before taking this module. The most difficult part of the module would probably be the individual paper as extensive research is needed. Do start early.

Lecture Review:

Prof Lin is friendly and makes it very easy for everyone in the class to share their thoughts. Given on how some topics within this module can be personal, Prof made it a safe environment to learn and share. Concepts were well explained and he was very willing to re-explain topics or concepts on the spot if you are unsure.

Materials used:



Difficulty in understanding(1-very easy, 5-very difficult): 3

Workload(1-very light, 5-very difficult): 4

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