PL4880P (Sem 2, AY 2020/21)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2020/21
Psychology of Religion

Description of module: Religion is ubiquitous across cultures and highly influential in many individuals’ lives, society, and history. This module examines religion through cognitive, developmental, social, and evolutionary psychology. Key questions that will be examined are: Why do people believe in gods and perform rituals? What psychological processes support religious beliefs, behaviours, and experiences? What are the social effects of religion? What is the relationship between religion and morality? The module also examines methods and issues in studying religion empirically.

Assessment Format:
Class participation: 10%

Critical essay 1: 20%

Critical essay 2: 20%

Group presentation: 20%

Research essay: 30%

Professor: Dr. Paul Reddish

Module Review:

Topics covered in this module are interesting enough to want to find out more about it. However, group presentation question is a bit vague and can easily go off tangent if you focus on the wrong aspects. Good to follow the recommended reading Prof provides as well as seek clarification from him. Research essay requires more research than critical essays, so do read extensively and take in different perspectives to make your essay solid.

Lecture Review:

3 hour seminar style lectures, with breakout group discussions few and far between. Lectures are not recorded, so do listen in during class. There are compulsory readings for every week and Prof does make use of the readings in his presentation, where he would often use PollEv to test whether you have read them or not. Overall, lecture sessions are quite enjoyable and manageable if you find the concepts interesting.

Materials used:



Difficulty in understanding(1-very easy, 5-very difficult): 4

Workload(1-very light, 5-very difficult): 3

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