PL5222R (Sem 2, AY2014/15)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2014/15
Multivariate Statistics in Psychology

Professor: A/P Mike Cheung

Professor Review: Prof Cheung is very knowledgeable in statistics, and is patient and very willing to share this knowledge with the students.

Module Review: The module covers advanced statistics that might be useful for most social / IO / clinical psychologists, but might not be that useful for cognitive psychologists.
Lessons are lecture-style, with both theory and practical (R).
Two assignments (using R), one final paper, and one open-book final exam.

I would recommend it if you are planning to do grad school in social / IO / clinical, or plan to do statistics/research-related stuff in your job. Otherwise, there is no real opportunity to use these skills in the workplace. It is nevertheless an interesting module!