PL3239 (Sem 2, AY2015/16)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2015/16
Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Lecturer: Dr Al Au

Lecturer Review: Dr Al is from Hong Kong so he comes with the stereotypical HK accent (and he acknowledges it too, in his very first lecture). If you’re used to watching TVB dramas and can understand it then his accent should not be a problem. I know some of you even like to imitate HK accents right tsk so his accent would not be a big bother.

Dr Al is a deadpan kind of guy so you have to be paying attention to catch his jokes when he makes them. Other than that he delivers the lecture in a very straightforward manner and he will fill in some gaps that the textbook leaves out. Occasionally he shows videos so that’s nice.

His papers might be a killer though – for the MCQ midterms the highest was 48/60 and average was about 40, so he tends to test very small minute detailed things.

Module Review: The content of this module, if you can remember everything, is actually quite interesting. But on the whole the entire module is quite heavy; with so many theories, models, and everything in between, it’s best to match this with a lighter mod.

Content is split into the industrial side (e.g. job analysis, staffing/ training) and organisational side (e.g. motivation, job attitudes, teams) and while reading it may be fun, actually having to memorise key points and applying them for the exams may be a bit more difficult. Okay I meant a lot more difficult.

Under Dr Al the assessment format was as such:
Tutorial part – 10%
Tutorial group presentation on an assigned article – 12%
Individual commentary on the presentation – 13%
Midterms – 20%
Finals – 45%

Group presentation is the usual stuff, individual commentary was just a 3-page piece reflecting on the article + presentation, midterms were MCQ from the first half (i.e. the industrial side) and finals were a mix of MCQs and essays. MCQs were from the second half (organisational side) and essays were 5 choose 2. Out of the 5, 2 were from the first half (industrial) and 3 were from the second half (org). Obviously this meant that most people only studied the second half, which effectively makes it non-cumulative; in his post-exam remarks he said that too little people attempted the first-half questions which rendered feedback unnecessary.

So in conclusion if you like learning interesting but difficult things which will eventually be relevant when you start working, take this mod. Apparently it’s quite popular because MPE failed for it -.- spent about 370 points on this iirc.