PL3240 (Sem 1, AY2014/15)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 1 AY2014/15
Group Dynamics

Professor: Dr Cha Yeow Siah

Professor Review: I was really excited for this module as it’s like part 2 of social psychology and i really enjoyed social psych. Dr. Cha is a pretty good lecturer, he gives enough personal anecdotes to keep us entertained and manages to link all the topics to current affairs and random movies (though this causes lectures to end late sometimes, which i find a good trade for all the videos shown during lectures).

Module Review: He also gives the chance for optional extra credit assignments (there’s 4 throughout the sem i think), in which you can get bonus marks (capped at 5). i find it good writing practice, because there’s nothing to lose if you don’t score, and the tutor writes comments to the essays as well.
The most interesting aspect of the module is the group project, for which you can choose any activity to do as long as it has a ‘group’ aspect to it. there are people who cooked, did pranks, parodies of music videos, etc. during the first tutorial, you’re grouped up with people whom you (claim you) don’t know. it provides a chance to make friends with people from the same major, and for me it was a really fun and novel experience (even though it took up a lot of time – from the idea planning to the filming to the video editing to the presentation and written report).
Mid terms were mcqs and fill-in-the-blanks, which i found pretty difficult (for the first time ever, the cohort did pretty averagely). finals were even harder – it was my hardest paper this sem. there were mcq, fill-in-the-blanks and short essay questions combined with case studies. the case studies killed me. +_+
I’d have to say this mod is hard to score in, but it still was an interesting mod!

Rating – 1 being least and 5 being most.

Difficulty in understanding: 2/5
Workload: 4/5
Self-study time: 4/5

Grade: B


PL3240 (Sem 1, AY2011/12)

By: Alan
Module taken in Sem 1 AY2011/12
Group Dynamics

Lecturer(/s): Dr Cha Yeow Siah

What is it about?: The study of intergroup issues and processes, such as cohesion, conflict and structure.

How’s the workload?: 1 mid terms, 1 finals, in classic Cha Yeow Siah style – mid terms was MCQ + fill in the blanks, finals was MCQ+fillintheblanks+casestudy+short answer questions.
1 standard textbook.. quite readable and good textbook IMO.One 2 hour lecture a week, one 2 hour tutorial every fortnight.One group project – This is really fun, you basically can choose to do ANY group activity. (E.g. go play frisbee, jam, cook, skate, play LAN, etc) and after that you write a report on the group activity, applying your group dynamics concepts. You also have to present your activity, and try to do it in a creative way, because alot of other groups will do so and it makes a difference I think.

How difficult is it?: The theory is pretty much logical and very easy to understand as it’s things you already observe in everyday life, just attaching a term to it.
The difficult part could be that most people are accustomed to recalling the definitions of terms (e.g. Define Photosynthesis) instead of the actual terms itself. The Fill-in-the-blanks recalls you to recall the TERM as they provide a description/definition so if you didn’t encode your information well.. good bye marks.
Weightage of the FOTB questions are quite high too, like MCQ is one question 0.5 marks, but FOTB can be 1-1.5 marks each.The group project is probably one of the most fun projects in NUS, as long as your group decides to make it fun 🙂

Miscellaneous Tips: If you want to be in the same group as your friends, for the first tutorial when he does this ‘network analysis’ thing, say you don’t know your friend. Because he will deliberately split you guys up ;)Have fun with your group project, and do a good presentation. I really think this matters. And of course do your report properly. Remember to memorize the terms and be able to link a term to a concept, because you have to do this for the case study question in the finals too.

Should you take it?: Yes, a very fun mod overall, I enjoyed it. Relatively simple compared to chim things like cognitive psych, so you should take it.

How did I do for it?: I didn’t do well for mid terms because I didn’t encode the terms properly as I said – just couldn’t recall the terms with the description. Scored slightly below median.
My group’s project got an A-, which was (supposedly) because both our report and presentation (i.e. the video above) was good.
I’m hoping my finals pull my mid terms up!

Predicted grade: B+

Actual grade: B+
Mid terms did badly but project did relatively well,so I was expecting an average grade for this. Kinda hoped I would get A- forthis at least, but I guess B+ is good enough.

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