PL3252 (Sem 2, AY2011/12)

By: Alan
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2011/12
Social-Cognitive Perspectives of Emotion

Lecturer(/s): Dr Eddie Tong

What is it about?: Many factors/issues related to Emotions, with regards to the social-cognitive component. E.g. The role of appraisals in emotions, emotional expression, emotion and cognition, etc.

How’s the workload?: One class presentation (2-3 man group), class participation, one mid term exam (1 essay qn), one finals (mcq + short answer).
Textbook is quite useless, talks about many things that seem totally irrelevant. Study his lecture notes well, and use the textbook as a supplement.
One 2 hr lecture every week, one 1 hour tutorial every week.

How difficult is it?: Content is relatively easy to understand, the class presentation/project may require some creativity (you’re supposed to come up with a novel research question/hypothesis).
Finals were relatively easy MCQs, with some application kind open ended questions. The MCQs dont require much memorizing of stuff, just good understanding of concepts

Miscellaneous Tips: Go for lectures – they are probably the crux of this module. I didn’t find the textbook very useful (if even at all) for the finals, he tested almost exclusively from his notes.
One thing to note about the finals is that it’s very application-based : You need to have a good understanding of all the concepts he covers in lectures and be able to recognize and apply the various concepts in different scenarios. Thus, study his lecture notes + any required journal article readings, those may be helpful. Read the textbook sparingly, if you have the time, but for things not covered in his lecture notes and is in the textbook, you probably don’t have to touch.

Should you take it?: Eddie Tong is a very nice professor and is humorous as well. His lectures should be quite enjoyable, though he does make frequent pronunciation errors which may make grammar nazis cringe.
I like his style as he doesn’t emphasize rote learning but encourages us to understand the material instead of memorizing it – for example he cites many studies to show certain points in his lectures but his description of the study is always very brief and succinct – he doesn’t require you to remember the name of scientists, exact methods, etc, but just the variables and the results and what it shows – the gist of it.
One of the more enjoyable Psych modules out there, don’t miss out on it 🙂

Predicted grade: B+

Actual grade: B+
Whew. Wasn’t sure where I stood for this really, didn’t do exceptionally well or badly for anything, kinda hovering in midair kinda thing. So this grade was expected.

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PL3252 (Sem 2, AY2014/15)

By: Julene Ong
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2014/15
Social-Cognitive Perspectives on Emotion
One of the top 10 uber cool modules for students according to vulcan post.
I agree with this rating totally.
But I think the basis of my rating is probably different from the basis of the rating by the author of the post.
Cos I think the author probably chose these “cool” mods based solely on their titles because I doubt the author would have taken every module in the list since they are from different schools.
My basis of the rating is because of the awesome lecturer, Eddie Tong, who doesn’t sound like a lecturer, he sounds like those primary school kids who are super enthusiastic about their science project and just want to tell the whole world how cool it is hahaha.
The content of the module is not really super interesting and cool.
Although there are some cool studies that found things like “People who feel love will think that plain water tastes sweeter” and “Happy people are stupid” xD
But generally, the content is just so-so only, like how interesting can theories get~Assessment:
Take-home Essay Midterm (25%)
Class participation (10%)
Group Presentation (15%)
Final Exam (50%)

The midterm was supposed to be done in lecture but the prof did not realise that the midterm week happened to be elearning week so in the end he made it a take-home assignment, which probably made the bellcurve sky high =/
For the group presentation, we had to form groups of 2-3 and present on a possible hypothesis for a specific emotion.
It was pretty apt that xy and I formed a group together and presented on love LOL
The presentations were generally quite interesting, seeing what kind of experiments people might come up with.
Finals were 50mcq and some short answer questions (abt half to 1 page long).
I think I screwed up my finals haizzz..wrote like only 4 lines for a 15 marks short answer question..
And this is like a reverse scenario from cognitive psych because the people taking this mod are mostly year 2 and 3s so i’ll get destroyed by the year 3s haha =X
Predicted grade: B

Actual grade:

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