PL3282 (Sem 2, AY2015/16)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2, AY2015/16
Lab in Social Psychology

Lecturer: Dr Al Au

Lecturer Review: Dr Au is a very good lecturer who explains statistical concepts very clearly, complete with examples. He also offers consultations to students to discuss their proposed research project ideas. The consultations were very insightful as Dr Au is very good at clarifying concepts and asking important questions that need to be considered. He is also very hands-on and offers good suggestions on how to improve the research design and methods.

Module Review:┬áThere aren’t many lessons as some weeks are devoted to consultation and presentations. There is also no lesson in week 13, which is when the final written report is due. Lessons mainly go through research and statistical methods and involve hands-on SPSS exercises. However, components like IRB application or the use of Medialab are not covered. These may be covered in other labs.

Individual method evaluation report (10%): This component requires picking a published article (from a list provided) and critically evaluating it (e.g. does it answer the research question, are the methods sound). Dr Au grades very reasonably.
Group research proposal presentation (10%): This is a 15 minute presentation in front of the class (background, research question, proposed methods and hypotheses). Consultations are available before this presentation, and it is also a good chance to get feedback from both the professor and the class.
Submission of research materials (5%): This is pretty much free marks, just to ensure that students come up with their research materials on time.
Group final presentation (20%): Groups will recap what they presented earlier, and also share their results and discussion. This is a good time to also get feedback and ideas on certain limitations that can be discussed in the written report.
Group participation as audience (5%): This is just to encourage groups to pose questions to other groups during their final presentation.
Individual research report (50%): Due in week 13; quite straightforward once the group final presentation is done.