PL4207 (Sem 2, AY2012/13)

By: Alan
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2012/13
Social Psychology: Theories and Methods

Lecturer(/s): Dr Michelle See

What is it about?: Many aspects of social psychology – social cognition, persuasion, aggression, etc.

How’s the workload?: One lecture a week ( 3hours). Two thought papers (800 word essays), one group presentation, one open book final exam (two questions, first question compulsory, second question 2C1). Oh, there are class participation points.

How difficult is it?: Social psychology is probably the easiest branch of psychology in terms of understanding the concepts. Thus you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in this. Also, Prof See picks pretty short and simple papers most of the time, so that’s good 🙂

Miscellaneous Tips: Speak up in class. She is quite blatant about her marking of class part, literally puts a tick next to your name when you speak up

Should you take it?: The lessons feel really slack – I’m not sure how much Prof See actually prepares for class, because it feels like she’s winging it most of the time. She isn’t that bad at explaining things, but sometimes she can be very confusing.
Most lessons are mostly occupied by group presentations, so she does very little ‘teaching’. You get to watch one movie (12 angry man) and documentary (bowling in columbine) during class. Pretty good shows.

If you are looking for maximum learning experience, you should probably take it in Sem 1 when Dr Tong takes it. If you want a slack Level 4000, this could be it.

Predicted grade: B+/A-
We seemed to do well for our group presentation, and my thought papers have to be one of the better ones unless she has some retarded marking scheme (All thought papers are uploaded so you can have a look at others’ work) (sorry if this sounds damn arrogant or what, but imho, it’s true. I acknowledge when I’m bad, and I also acknowledge when I’m better)
Final exam was unexpected. Based on past papers (not by See, by Tong), the questions were very broad and requires good organization and integration of information from the entire semester. However, her questions were extremely specific. For example, the compulsory question focused on one particular week’s readings and just asked you for strengths/limitations of both studies.
Not sure how well I did, I didn’t felt like I spent enough time on my second question, so abit concerned about that. Oh well.

Actual grade: A-
I was hoping for an A for this, because I thought I did well for the CA components. Moderately satisfied I suppose.

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