PL4222 (Sem 2, AY2013/14)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 2 AY2013/14
Neuroscience of Memory

Professor: Trevor Penney

Professor Review: Very knowledgeable, humourous, engaging. Explains stuff thoroughly and in a funny/witty way.

Module Review: Basically what the title says- neuroscience of memory. Covers fMRI, EEG, and intracellular recording (I can’t remember if there were lesion studies). A must-take if you’re into memory, as it introduces you to the different models of memory. Also covers stuff like individual differences (e.g. ageing), sleep, etc. There’s some time-perception stuff towards the end (which can also be thought of as temporal memory).

Assessment: We were required to post a question on the forum every week, based on the readings. You get a point as long as you posted something. Groups were then assigned these questions after he went through the lecture, then we presented (more like discussed) our answers. These were not graded, so no pressure. We had two essays (one was supposed to be an in-class mid term, but the gracious Prof Penney showed us mercy). One was an essay on a question in cog neuro of memory, while the other was a critique of an article.
Final exam was pretty hardcore – a single 100-mark question that basically required you to synthesize and organize everything you had learnt in the module and apply it to the question. It was kind of interesting though as there were different different ways you could approach the question.