PL4223 (Sem 1, AY2014/15)

By: Anonymous
Module taken in Sem 1 AY2014/15
Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology

Professor: Simon Collinson

Professor Review: Chill guy

Module Review: Each class starts with a lecture by Prof Collinson, then each group (we were split into groups) will present on a certain aspect of the topic for the day. Groups did not know beforehand which part of the topic they will present, so everything has to be prepared on the spot. Each group also had to ask each other group one question. You get like 1 hour prep time and 5 minutes presentation time (or something like that). All these were graded. If you’re lucky and you get a super-on person in your group who does all the work and gives the presentation every week, then you can basically do nothing and get a good grade for the presentations (it’s a group grade).
There was a closed-book MCQ mid term, and an open-book essay exam (which was not during the finals week – it was on the last week of classes). The exam was kinda weird as it was open-book/laptop/everything. He gave an article for us to read beforehand, and the exam consisted of questions related to the article.
I felt I learnt nothing since the lectures were totally unrelated to the finals. The finals were open laptop anyway, so I didn’t bother to read the textbook beforehand and just Googled everything on the spot during the exam.